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Wholesale Bridal Jewellery for your Wedding Dress Boutique

Wholesale Bridal Jewellery for your Wedding Dress Boutique

One of the comments we hear regularly from brides is that the wedding shops do not have a good choice of bridal jewellery and accessories at a reasonable price.  Take a look through our wholesale collection of pearl and diamante jewellery here or request a catalogue.  We have put together a few suggestions for you to help your brides when they are considering their bridal jewellery.

 *            Order a good selection of freshwater pearl and diamante jewellery. Let’s face it, we don’t all share the same style, so the more choice you have, the better chance your bride has of finding some jewellery to suit her taste and overall look. The Girls Love Pearls collection is well tested in the market place and at wedding shows, so we know that a good selection of our classic jewellery meets the needs of the majority of brides.

 *            We would recommend a mix of bridal necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  You need to have samples on hand of each.  If a bride is buying from a shop, then she really needs to be able to see what she is buying before hand.  If the earrings are displayed on a small earring stand, the bride can put these up to her ears to see what they will look like.  Have a hair clip to hand to clip up her hair, as it may be worn on her wedding day.  Once the bride sees how gorgeous the complete set looks, she will want to buy it to complete her special occasion jewellery.  

*            Beautiful pearl jewellery at a reasonable price does not have to be ‘sold’ to a bride, she can see for herself how stunning it looks when tried on with her wedding gown.  If you are buying wholesale bridal jewellery at a cheap price, then you will be able to retail at prices which are competitive with the High St Chain stores and cheap on-line retailers.  (The Girls Love Pearls prices starts from just £5.00 wholesale).


*            A good selection includes a dainty real cultured pearl pendant and matching drop earrings, real freshwater pearl and diamante pendant sets on extendable silver chains, faux pearl and diamante necklace sets, vintage styled chokers, matching bracelets and diamante earrings. Some sparkling diamante jewellery is great for girls who love bling, or have no pearl detail in their gown. If you don’t have it, you can’t show it, and if you can’t show it, you can’t sell it to your brides!  We offer a ‘starter kit’ – a good mix of wholesale pearl jewellery from our ‘best sellers’ UK collection, to help you choose wisely and include something for different tastes and styles and prices.


 *            Remember, you are not just offering jewellery to the bride, but her bridesmaids ,flowergirls and mother of the bride as well.  Those beautiful real pearl pendants which retail for just £25.00, will make a wonderful gift for her 3 bridesmaids and she is highly unlikely to find them at a similar price at a department store.  Your bride won’t be able to resist buying her flowergirl’s first pearl bracelet, and complete with a pink pearl heart charm to finish off the dainty bracelet, her flowergirl will been thrilled with her special gift.


 *            Of course, there is no point in offering this beautiful wedding jewellery if you are not going to provide some beautiful boxes and packaging for her to keep her jewellery in.  If they are gifts for her bridesmaids she doesn’t want to have to go out and buy gift boxes for these either.  Our wholesale pearl and diamante jewellery and accessories all come beautifully packaged in branded boxes or pouches, which may be used as point of sale.  The jewellery is then ready and safe for you to wrap up in some lovely tissue and finished with a bow or ribbon ready to present to her bridesmaids.

 *            Investing in beautiful accessories for your brides and her entourage  means extra revenue your boutique.  An extra £200 per bridal party soon mounts up and could enable you to improve your shop and surroundings to make a wonderful shopping experience for your customers.


 *            Wholesalers of our pearl and diamante bridal jewellery don’t have to keep lots of stock of each item.  We recommend that our stockists use their items as samples and re-order from us as they sell.  We aim to keep most items in stock, so delivery is quick and let’s face it, when you have £1,000’s tied up in your dresses, the last thing you need is to spend £1,000's in accessories.  Orders may be placed as you go along.  Our minimum re-order levels for our stockists are low and our postage costs are kept to a minimum to facilitate regular re-ordering.


For our wholesale stockists which we work with on a regular basis, we will send you up to £1,000 worth of jewellery on a sale/return basis for your accessories evening or event - and this has proved extremely popular with the wedding boutiques, as they always sell lots of our jewellery on these occasions, and offering the brides a fabulous range of bridal necklaces, bridal bracelets and earrings to choose from.


We try our best to represent the items in the photographs realistically and with accurate information. There are obvious limitations in what we can show you in the website pictures; if there are any further details you require then please ask. We provide sizes of all items in the product description: all measurements are in inches or centimetres - if in any doubt please contact us. 

 The easiest way to see our full wholesale bridal jewellery collection is by visiting our stand at one of the bridal trade shows, e-mail us   sales@girls-love-pearls.co.uk for further information or we can arrange a personal visit to you, please telephone us: (44) 0121 705 2244.

 Whether you have comments, general enquiries or if you have any suggestions for our website or products that you feel we should offer, please feel free to contact us.  

(some of the images on this page were taken by Chanticleer Wedding Dresses or Ellis Bridals and featured jewellery from the Girls Love Pearls collection.)