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Pearl Necklaces

Pearl Necklaces have adorned beautiful women for centuries – from the ancient greeks who believed that the giving and wearing of pearls at a marriage ceremony promoted marital harmony.

For centuries our Queens have been photographed, painted and filmed wearing pearl necklaces. Glamorous 30’s, 40’s and 50’s movie stars have chosen pearls to add to the elegance of their wardrobes. President’s wives such as President Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline was adept at looking elegant in pearls. Visit our pearl necklaces collection for inspirational ideas.


Classic pearl necklaces are now chosen for young bridesmaids at weddings and many brides choose the lustrous pearls to adorn their wedding gown, with pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces and hair accessories being the perfect jewellery to complement their bridal look.  Many of our designs appeal to girls who are looking for that classic pearl necklace look which they know is going to add to their jewellery box after the occasion and may be worn time and again.


Pearls are so elegant, and now very affordable, that today’s fashionable woman may have five or six pearl necklaces and a handful of pearl earrings in her wardrobe. With fashion gurus like Trinny and Suzannah setting the trend, how can you resist?


Don’t think of today’s pearl necklaces as a classic strand of pearls, only made with the cardi twinset in mind! Many modern pearl necklaces are designed in lariat styles which can be worn in a multitude of ways – as a long necklace, one day, then elegantly changed to a short choker the next or wrapped around the wrist as a chunky bracelet.


These multi-look designs feature in many of the Girls Love Pearls range of elegant pearl necklaces, which offers fantastic value, and affords the wearer the pleasure of knowing that she has made a valuable and economical choice.


We also sell our jewellery through stockists in the uk and if you are interested in our wholesale bridal jewellery collection then please get in touch with us and we will send through our latest catalogue to you.  Tel: 0121 705 2244