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Pearl Bridal Necklaces

Happily ever after is what you said to yourself when he proposed. And now you don't want to miss a single detail!

Choosing your pearl wedding necklace for yourself or for your bridesmaids to complete the perfect finishing touches is as important as choosing the gowns. No matter how beautiful a necklace is, if it's not suited to your gown's neckline, it may never look quite right.


Elegence bridal necklace DD20.


To help you choose your perfect pearl bridal necklace, why not use Suzy our interactive stylist? Firstly select the neckline of your gown and then have fun experimenting with different bridal necklaces to see which one suits the best!

Girls Love Pearls has an unrivalled choice of wedding necklaces. From floating pearl necklaces for the bride and bridesmaid to classical chokers for a more tradition look, to long ropes of pearls which are ideally suited to an informal beach wedding. Our floating pearl bridal necklaces are available with or without Swarovski crystals, and in a choice of colours to match your bridal gown. Classical choker pearl necklaces are also available in a range of colours, sizes and shapes of pearls – you may decide on a more informal theme, and require a mix of modern shapes of pearls. We have just added a whole new collection of faux pearl and diamante wedding necklaces to our on-line boutique - fabulous shimmering diamantes with creamy faux pearls, which look fabulous as either wedding jewellery or for a special evening out. The freshwater pearl drop and diamante necklaces are also new for the Spring, and these delicate jewels are ideal for either the bride or bridesmaid. There are matching earrings available to complete the set. Long ropes of pearls are so versatile and can be worn twisted around the wrist as a chunky bracelet or worn as back jewellery - loosely knotted down your back with a low cut dress back. Remember, all of our jewellery comes presented in beautiful keepsake pouches or a box, and are available with our 7 day returns service.


Historically considered the wedding gem, pearl bridal jewellery is traditionally presented by the Father of the Bride or the Groom and symbolises love, virtue, spirituality and prosperity. Throughout history, pearls have been at the height of wedding fashion, especially pearl bridal necklaces and the tradition continues to this day. In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing. The Greeks associated the pearl with love, marriage, beauty, and believed the pearl would promote marital harmony.


For further information on our pearl bridal necklaces, please contact us.  We sell all of our pearl jewellery at wholesale prices to the trade, so if you are a bridal shop or jewellery shop and looking to stock a new range of fabulous jewellery, then please visit our wholesale wedding jewellery page or contact us on: Tel: 0121 705 2244.