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Guide to buying bridesmaids jewellery

Our on-line guide to Buying Your Bridesmaid Jewellery

With the hardest decisions of choosing your bridesmaid dresses over, you can now enjoy shopping for some beautiful bridesmaid jewellery which will give your assistants the perfect finishing touch! We have compiled some information which answers some of our brides’ most frequently asked questions and includes some other great ideas too.

1) Don't Blow The Budget!

Your first step has to be to decide how much you want to spend (making allowances for that perfect bridesmaid necklace which costs a teeny bit more than anticipated). A lovely gesture is to present your bridesmaids with their jewellery as your gift. The bridesmaid jewellery at Girls Love Pearls starts from only £14.95 for the Phoebe Pearl Bridal Necklace range, an ideal choice as this style may be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Your budget may tempt you to buy an all-in-one set of bridesmaid jewellery from a High Street store. If you do, bear in mind that any earrings within the set will be non-returnable. That's why many of our brides prefer to buy separate items from us, ensuring colour match and style as they go.

Is a multi-buy discount for your bridesmaid jewellery important to you? Privately owned boutiques and a good on-line store will often give you a discount if you are buying more than 3 items from them - just ask! Still undecided? At Girls Love Pearls, we offer you a 7 day returns policy. Some of our brides choose 2 necklaces, and then simply return the one they do not want, and re-order more of their chosen style. And with our postage costs starting from only £3.50, not only can you browse in comfort at home, you also save all the expense and bother of travel and parking - it all adds up!

This lovely pendant is from our pearl pendants collection has a pair of matching pearl drop earrings available to match.


2) Your Style or Your Bridesmaid's?

Are you going to involve your bridesmaids in the selection of their jewellery? Or will your bridesmaids choose and buy their own jewellery? If you are going to choose your bridesmaid jewellery, the finished effect should suit their 'look' as well. For example, a bridesmaid with delicate wrists may not suit a chunky overwhelming off-the-shelf bracelet. We often re-size bracelets to fit both larger and smaller wrists. We can also remove a strand of pearls to give a younger bridesmaid a more delicate look. You can even order the same bracelet but in different sized pearls - delicate pearls for the younger bridesmaids and larger for the more mature.

If you are leaving your bridesmaids to buy their own jewellery, you may wish to offer them some guidance - Pearls or Bling, crystal encrusted or not, gold or silver finish - and if you have more than one bridesmaid, you may not want them all in different jewellery which may clash with your overall wedding theme. Guiding them to the relevant pages of our website will help avoid this.

Some gorgeous diamante earrings are perfect


3) Pierced Earrings or Clip-on?

Don't overlook this important point! Once you have bought those pierced earrings, for hygiene reasons retailers may not be able to offer you a refund. Look for a store which can offer you a tailor made service for the perfect earrings so that you will not be disappointed. A privately owned boutique should be able to offer you this service. At Girls Love Pearls we work with individual suppliers, and have our own studio, and can adapt most items to suit your needs.

Also, check to see if your bridesmaids have any allergies to nickel based jewellery, as some girls can only wear silver or gold. All of our freshwater pearl bridesmaid jewellery collections feature jewellery with silver or gold clasps as standard. If the item is not silver or gold, it will say so in the product description. Please ask us if you are unsure.

4) Leave Plenty of Time

Don't leave your bridesmaid jewellery purchases until the last minute. We recommend allowing at least 6-8 weeks to source and order your bridesmaid jewellery. This allows time for multiple sets to be ordered in or for items to be specially made. Tailor made bridesmaid jewellery can require up to 4 weeks, especially if colours are being made to match their dresses.

5) Your Colour Scheme

Colour schemes needn't be complicated. Here are some good tips:

  • Remember, the colour of your bridesmaid jewellery does not have to match the dresses.
  • A contemporary look can be created by choosing jewellery colours which contrast with the bridesmaids' dresses. For example, on a dusky pink dress, green jewellery or a 'hot pink' shade would look stunning.
  • Another stunning effect if done well is colour toning, for example where a chocolate brown dress is teamed with a necklace of gold and brown colours, or gold, brown and cream - thus incorporating the colour of the Bride's dress into their jewellery as well. The Girls Love Pearls Phoebe floating bridesmaids' necklaces make an ideal choice for colour toning, with the pearls available in such a wide choice of colours.
  • If your Flower Girls are wearing a sash, then why not buy them a keepsake pearl bracelet with a heart shaped charm to match the sash on their pretty dresses? See our Flower Girls Accessories.

6) Bridesmaid Jewellery Style

Subtle variations in the styles of your bridesmaid jewellery can create a lovely effect.

  • A pair of beautiful pearl drop earrings may suit a bridesmaid with her hair worn up, whilst a pearl pendant such as the Perfect Pendant would complement this on a bridesmaid who does not usually wear earrings.
  • Choose appropriate styles of bridesmaid jewellery to suit the individual look and style of your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids may have slightly different dress styles but the same pendant necklace in different lengths may suit each individual look.
  • Suzi our interactive stylist is fun to use, and you can view a choice of necklace styles with the neckline of your bridesmaids' dresses. Try on pendants, chunky necklaces, delicate round shaped necklaces to help you decide on the style you are looking for.

A diamante jewellery set - pendant and matching diamante earrings in a clear swarovski crystal or cubic zirconia is ideal and will match with any colour bridesmaid dress.


6) Teeny Flower Girls Jewellery

Your Teeny Flower Girls will not want to be left out and a beautiful pearl bracelet will ensure they feel included when the adult bridesmaids are presented with their thank you presents. The beautiful Flower Girl Bracelets at Girls Love Pearls are a lovely choice, or see the Romantica bracelet with a pearl heart charm, or the Valentino heart charm bracelet, both wonderful keepsake gifts to remind her of her Fairy Tale Day. If she is too young for jewellery, then some pretty hand made hair grips are a good choice - take a look at our Flower Girls Accessories.


7) Take Note...

Your bridesmaid jewellery can also be the solution to the bridesmaid Thank You gift dilemma! Presenting your Bridesmaid Jewellery as the thank you gift on the morning of the wedding is a lovely gesture and will allow a few special moments with your bridesmaids.

If you do decide to buy their jewellery as a gift, but still want to give them something special during the speeches, then presenting them with a lovely keepsake thank you card is a great way to show your appreciation in front of all your guests. Why not write a lovely 'friendship' poem inside the card to show your appreciation of her friendship and support in preparing for your wedding day.


8) The Price Conscious Bride

Buying jewellery which is already presented in its own presentation box is a great way to keep costs down. The Girls Love Pearls jewellery is presented in either Thai Silk Pouches, or a luxurious Thai Silk Box. Many of our brides choose to keep all their wedding jewellery together in the box afterwards.

If you would like to gift wrap your Bridesmaids Jewellery, then some hand made paper and a matching tag would be a lovely gesture. However for the price conscious bride why not tie some ribbon around the jewellery box, and present with a hand made gift tag. Your Bridesmaid can then keep the gift tag together with the jewellery as a reminder of your special day.


For further information check our bridal information pages regularly, they are full of ideas and inspiration for your wedding day look and we are regularly adding to them with tips for your special day.