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Accessorising with Pearl Jewellery

From Audrey Hepburn to Jacqueline Kennedy, Hollywood Stars to Royalty from past times to today’s modern WAG’s all share in the sophistication of accessorising with pearl jewellery. Items of pearl jewellery have been found dating back to as as early as 2200 BC. In ancient Rome, pearl jewellery was considered as the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing. The Greeks held their pearl jewellery in high esteem for both its unrivalled beauty and its association with love and marriage.



During the Dark Ages, while ladies of nobility cherished classical pearl jewellery, gallant knights often wore items of pearl jewellery to battle. They believed the magic of these lustrous gems would protect them from harm and return them home safe to their loved ones. The Renaissance was a period in time which saw the Royal Courts of England, France, and Spain displaying beautifully designed Pearl Jewellery. Commoners to the Royal Family and those in high aristocracy whom could afford Pearl jewellery had such vast quantities made, that there was a shortage of pearls and they became quite rare before the pearl farms of Japan and China were started years later.

Still perceived as a classical jewellery item worn by Kings and Queens alike, today’s cultured pearl jewellery is making an impressive fashion come back by offering such a wide range of innovative designs and styles incorporating many natural and dyed pearl colours, unusal shapes of pearls, and in combination with many other coloured gemstones and precious metals.

We source many pieces of pearl jewellery from China, which enables us to offer our jewellery at wholesale prices in the UK.  With the large scale culturing process going on in China, fresh water pearl cultivating technology is improving at a fast speed too. These days pearls are cultured to grow in natural pink, purple, peach, orange, grey, black and white depending on the mineral content in the water and the hosting oyster. The wide range of colours of pearl now available, inspires jewellery designers such as Girls Love Pearls to combine pearls with some beautiful gemstones to create beautiful pearl jewellery. Contrary to the traditional perception as an old fashioned jewellery item, today’s modern pearl jewellery can make a real fashion statement for an outfit.




Pearl jewellery such as pearl necklaces and pearl drop earrings can lift a ladies complexion and bring light and radiance to the face taking years off a woman whatever her age. Your first and best investment would probably be in a pair of classic large pearl stud earrings. They have a wonderful luster and with a size of around 9-10mm and give an expensive, chic look. Take care of your pearl jewellery by storing them in their original box or pouch and always put them on AFTER applying perfume and hair products. A matching real pearl necklace or pearl bracelet could be given to you as a birthday or anniversary gift by your loved one!

Our pearl  jewellery is available at wholesale prices for the trade only, and we have a fabulous range to choose from.  New to the collection this year is the Princess pearl and diamante collection, which features delicate diamond and pearl jewellery gifts with matching earrings to complete the set.  These styles are particularly popular with brides and bridesmaids.

The Chic range of faux pearl and diamante jewellery is also available at wholesale wedding jewellery prices which remain very competitive with the UK's High St Chain stores.   We have many pieces featured regularly in the UK’s top selling bridal magazines, and seen by thousands of brides each month.  We already wholesale our pearl jewellery to around 90 independent bridal retail boutiques and jewellery shops in the UK and Ireland.  We have some designs which are sold exclusively to our wholesale customers, and not available through our on-line website.  Many pieces are also suitable as prom jewellery and for the Mother of the Bride.
Minimum pearl jewellery wholesale order quantities are low, which enable new boutiques to buy a few pieces and try them with their brides before coming back to order more! 
We are adding new pearl and crystal designs to our collection all the time, so it is worthwhile checking our website regularly for updates.  Please note that the prices on our website are retail prices, and wholesale prices are not available online at the moment.
We aim to keep all items of jewellery in stock for immediate delivery.  We work closely with our suppliers, and hand finish many items in our own studio, which enables us to tailor make our wholesale pearl jewellery as required, and this includes changing the colour of the pearls to match with the bridesmaid’s dresses.  This service usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks, but please do ask before ordering as during busy times, this can take longer.